Back Muscle Pain-Erector Spinae Trigger Point

Are you experiencing back pain patterns around the shoulder blade, neck or lower back, as well as diffuse pain in your back that worsens throughout the day? The trigger point may be found in the Erector spinae group of muscles.

Trigger Points in the erector can give you pain all over the entire back and may even send pain to your upper leg and lower abdominal region. ItIt consists of several muscles – longissimus thoracis, iliocostalis, multifidi, rotatores – and runs on and parallel to the spine.

5 Steps to Release The Erector Spinae

As a general rule of thumb, stay at each step between 2-5 minutes for the full effects to settle in.

Step 1

Place Littlemum Back Massager at the centre of your mat. Lay down on your back on top of the massager so that they are on two side of the spine (not on top of the spine itself) at the level of the top of your shoulder blade.  The knees can be bent or straight .Feel free to move the arms in a manner that is appropriate for you.

Step 2

Move massager down the back until they are at the level of the bottom of the shoulder blade on either side of the spine. Relax the shoulders down on the ground.  Stimulating this location can invigorate the blood to aid in any blood or cardiovascular related conditions because it is the converging point of blood.

Step 3

Move massager down just a little further to middle back.  Continue to let the entire body be heavy down on the ground with the balls on either side of the spine.  This location would be particularly important to address if you consume alcohol on a regular basis because the acu-point is related to the liver and gallbladder.

Step 4

Remain on your back as you move the massager further down the spine to the base of the ribcage. This is slightly below the level of the belly button. Continue to breathe deeply and relax the muscles in contact with the balls. For increased intensity, you may bring the knees in toward the chest slowly. stimulating this location can help with bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, and any spleen conditions because it is related to the spleen and stomach.

Step 5

Move LittleMum massager down to the lumbar curve of the spine. This location is known to strengthen and balance the kidneys. After this, remove the massager and lay flat on the ground to reflect on any changes you feel.

Always look for an area that you can calmly breathe and relax in without pain, sharp and/or shooting sensations.  Avoid nerves, bones (in this instance, especially the spine!), visible swelling or bruising, and broken skin. 

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