Back Muscle Pain -Latissimus Dorsi Trigger Point

If you are suffering pain in the middle of back to one side and is accompanied by sharp pain in shoulder and arm, your trigger point may be in the Teres minor or Latissimus dorsi muscles.

When trigger points are present in your latissimus, they can give you pain right at their location and send pain to other, seemingly unrelated areas of your body.

  • Constant thoracic back pain that is unrelated to activity,
  • frozen shoulder,
  • thoracic outlet syndrome,
  • back pain turning in bed,
  • dull aching under your shoulder blade,
  • sharp pains in the back of your shoulder when resting on your elbows,
  • or pain on when lifting your arms.

These trigger points are often caused by sports, office work, heavy lifting or gardening and may also be caused by prolonged use of a poor-fitting bra.

Self Massage Latissimus Dorsi with LittleMum

Lay down on your back on top of the massager so that they are on either side of the spine (not on top of the spine itself) at the level of the outer border of your shoulder blade and the area of your lower ribs. Feel free to move the arms in a manner that is appropriate for you, which could include giving yourself a hug or just letting the arms fall to the sides. The knees can be bent or straight.

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