Traction therapy for cervical spine

Cervical traction may be a safe, wonderfully effective way for you to resolve neck pain. Cervical traction is considered to be an alternative treatment for neck pain, helping people avoid the need for medication or surgeries. Essentially, cervical traction pulls your head away from your neck to create expansion and eliminate compression. It can be used as part of a physical therapy treatment or on your own at home. 

Cervical traction devices lightly stretch the neck to reduce pressure on the spine by pulling or separating the vertebrae. It’s said to be both highly effective and fast-acting. Make sure to listen to your body and go to your own edge or threshold in terms of stretching and the duration of your cervical traction exercises.

Cervical traction is a non-surgical way to relieve pain and correct problems in the spine. While it does have some potential side effects, cervical traction offers consistent relief for most people

There are no long-term risks of cervical traction. Some side effects may occur during or after exercises. Many people experience muscle spasms after traction. Some have pain in the treated areas. Those with osteoporosis and certain types of cancer should not use traction therapy.

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